Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We're getting to close to our moving day & I am so excited about the new begenning on the horizon.  Our journey started not long after my husband started a new job when I was about 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child, Emma-Grace.  It was a scary time, but we knew that it was a change that needed to happen.  I should also add that we had literally JUST purchased our first home & had no intention of moving anytime soon.  It was always assumed we would just live our days out & raise our children in our home town.  There's something comforting knowing that when you're homesick you can simply drive by the house where you grew up, or take your kids to the park where you spent lots of evenings swinging on the swings talking about the future with the boy who ended up being your husband.  Over time, his job evolved & he spent more of his day in an office & less in the "field".  He even spent some time working in Brazil (lucky)!  But as time went on, we began entertaining the idea of moving closer to his job.  How would we accomplish this?  Option one was to sell the house & move.  Option two was to just wait it out.  Well, we were terrified of selling & trying to relocate while our oldest was in school.  So we kind of combined the two ideas... With a LOT of consideration of our options we decided to lease our house out, and move in with the husband's parents until the end of the school year.  Well, we're here at the end of the school year & days away from getting the keys to our new home.  It's a bittersweet move... away from the family we have close & some great friends... I know it will take a ton of stress of my husband not having to make that long drive ( 1 - 1 & 1 /2 hr.) each way for work.  That's more time with us & less time driving... we've never lived this close to his job before.  But at the ages are kids are, it will be a huge blessing to be able to work our lives around them more... and they will see their Dad a lot more!  Needless to say we are excited... me about having a house to make a home, having my office & studio once again & the kids to have their own rooms again... and without saying the husband has had a countdown of how many more "drives" he has left.  We are looking forward to all the great changes... they say home is where the heart is & my heart is with my family... and our family will be spending a lot more time together.

Keep an eye out for some before/after posts & little home projects I'm going to tackle along the way.  The first project will be painting the entire inside of the house... we'll start to tackle that this Friday.

{our new home}

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