Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Mama's makin' cornbread... naughty cornbread!}

Shhh.... don't tell!  I have been really good with my new diet & exercise plan.  Except for the fact that I'm just not a myself unless I have just baked or cooked something or I have something in mind I want to try.  That's the hard part of being "healthy" or trying to be; you're not supposed to think about food! 

But Kaleb's school hosts a teacher's luncheon day once a month to spoil the teachers a bit... this month is chili & fixins'... yummo!  So I asked a sweet friend if she could suggest any good cornbread recipes, since this is my first month to join in on the fun I'm just bringing a side.  But I wanted it to be yummo too.

Well, Our Best Bites was what was suggested.  We both love the recipes on this site... dunno why
I didn't think of looking there first lol! 

Anyway, my 1st attempt at "Naughty Cornbread" was a delicious success! 

I won't lie... I ate this one!  But.... I did the healthy thing & used 'Promise' spread instead of butter.  That off-sets the calories right?!?

Here's a close-up:

It really is DELICIOUS!!!

If you want to make your own, just follow this {link}

P.S.  You should pre-order your OBB Cookbook... I did as a gift to myself at Christmas:)

Happy Baking!

Monday, January 24, 2011

{Rainy Day}

Today is one of those days when you just want to light a good candle, or crank up your Scentsy warmer, turn on the oven to make something sweet, maybe do some sewing or crafting... just because of the weather.  And that's exactly how I plan on spending my day!  Kaleb is in school so he can't join in, but I do cherish the slow-paced days when I can just enjoy the time with my "Mini Me" & do some girly stuff while I can.

Last night while the hubby & kids were watching the Game Plan (super cute movie!)... I was watching from afar while cutting pieces & going back & forth to sew.  End result was an adoarble V-day skirt, and Emma ended up pulling up her little chair to watch me work. 

Isn't it cute?!?  I have enough material to make one more up to a size 4T if anyone is interested.

I know I may sound as if I am in a time warp or something, but I tell the hubby all the time how I pray that Emma enjoys some of the "homemaker" things I enjoy... like baking, or sewing.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be over the moon if she became the 1st female President either.  But doing these things with her just makes my heart smile.  I fondly remember baking with my Grandma, or her letting me practice with scrap fabric while she was working on a project.  This past Christmas I made a little apron for my EmmaLou & I just beam when she has it on & has her little dollies set up for a "cupcake party".... I admitted she was a "Mini Me", her dolls prefer carbs over tea lol!

So today we are going to make some yummy cake balls for orders & do some more sewing.  Because on rainy days it just puts you in the mood for it!

Hope everyone has a blessed Monday & if you're down in my neck of the woods, enjoy the rain; light a candle, put Sweet Home Alabama in the dvd player & maybe bake something.  Enjoy this beautiful rainy day & take advantage of it!

{Pinewood Derby 2011}

Well, it's late Sunday evening... almost Monday.  But I just got done doing some sewing & editing some pics I took over the weekend & thought I would share a bit.

Saturday Kaleb raced in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby & he had so much fun!  I know boys are hard-wired for fast cars, but it really was pretty neat to see these little wooden cars zoom down the track on nothing but momentum.  Kaleb's car was inspired by a roadster design & he wanted it to be a "pretty cherry red"... so here it is... #20.

He didn't place, but had a lot of fun cheering on his buddies... one of which did:)

After the regular races was the Crash Derby... which I didn't know about, but we could have brought a second car to smash up, or you could smash the car you brought.  Kaleb beign a bit "Type A" like his Mama refused to crash it because he wanted to display it.  Fair enough.  I've decided I will be the official designer of "Crash Derby Car 2012" & I am thinking it needs to be PINK... only kidding!

Look at that action shot!  In the out of focus background you can see my crew... The boys enjoyed the crashing more than the racing I'm pretty sure anyway.  Emma kept busy organizing & re-organizing her Hello Kitty purse, sorry, no action shots of that:)

Here's the car that won "Best Design"... The General Lee.  I told you I was Southern lol!

And here's Justin's car, simply sharing because I think it's a pretty good shot:)

PS, Way to go Justin! (He placed)

Hope you guys & gals all had a fun & productive weekend... we did & there's more to share, but I'll save that for tomorrow!

One last pic... I know, I know... he's soooo handsome:)

I love my little... I mean big, Tiger Scout!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mommy of 2!

Wasn't planning on posting over the weekend, and believe you me... we've already had a productive one & it's only 5:16 pm on Saturday lol!  Anywho, I swung by my PO & to my delight my "Mommy of 2" top from Miss. Pam (If The Bow Fits Boutique) was sitting in there waiting on me.  I officially feel a bit like a celebrity now...

Isn't this just the cutest shirt?!?  I mean, what Mommy doesn't deserve to spoil herself every once in a while, even if it does advertise that your a "Mommy"... oh well, I'm a proud Mommy!

I know... I know... now you must get one too!  Just visit HERE & order yours!  She's got some of the trendiest... fashionable "Mommy goodies" along with some other great items for kiddos!

Thanks Pam!

Friday, January 21, 2011


I hope all of you have a {fabulous} weekend! We have lots to do around here with the two munchkins, but I just LOVE this & had to share... 

Here's to your "pursuit"!

Howdy Ya'll...

I was taught first impressions were the most important; possibly more important is a great introduction... So here is a great, detailed... just plain long introduction to me & the BLOG.

About ME:
If you asked me what my passion is the answer would be family. So you will get to know lots about my kids a.k.a. my LIFE. Kaleb (6) & Emma-Grace (3) are the center of my world & I think they are interesting & amazing... so I will share a.k.a. {BRAG} a bit now & then. I am a proud WAHM & owner of a successful online children's boutique {Aidan Grace Boutique}, formerly Diaper Diva Boutique & that keeps me busy! My business venture started in 2007/2008 shortly after the birth of Emma-Grace & it granted me my #1 wish... to stay at home with my babies & supplement our income. Since I cranked up that good ol' singer almost 4 years ago I've come a long way. My business was featured in Southern Lady Magazine & I quickly outgrew from just frilly, baby girl items... My new venture {Aidan Grace Boutique} is soon available online & I am extremely excited about the new beginning & the room for growth. A love of baking & time freed for yet another hobby created {Petite Bella Cake Balls}, my "yummy" hobby! I'm not trying to boast, but in most aspects of my life I have been blessed, maybe overly blessed if that's possible. I think of myself as a passionate person... There are things in life that just must be tried & must be shared. Life is too short & this is no dress rehearsal... so go for it the first time! You may find that you've found a new passion & there's nothing wrong with that! Even if it's a complete flop, it'll be a beautiful, sometimes hysterical memory & you can share it with me! I also LOVE history, not "text book" history so much, but the kind of history that's stories re-told that maybe bring back a sweet memory or two. I believe that the people we have in our lives help mold & shape us into who we are. If I hadn't been raised by who I was raised by... who's to say I would ever have had an interest in sewing, baking, antique-ing, or a love/fascination of Martha Stewart, or Oprah or Paula Deen... I LOVE PAULA!!! When I catch a good "Miss. O" show & it causes that "eyes welling up" that it almost always does... I think of my Grandma. She taught me a lot, without sitting me down & teaching me much. I'm thankful for the things I picked up from her & hope a good bit rubbed off on me... the "Susie Home-maker" part & a bit of the "Miss. Independent" & the "I can do it all" parts; Hopefully, the "Pack Rat" part stays dormant lol! Hubby wouldn't appreciate that at all! I'm an avid "student", always learning, always evolving... but that's life; it happens! A few things I love... sweet tea, porch swings, gossip, baking, cleaning (weird I know, but I do!), decorating, sewing, crafting, shopping, antiquing, reading, photography & did I say shopping?
About the BLOG:
So that leads me right into my blog... somewhere it can all come together... all the things I love! I'm 28, somewhat wise, a good bit still not so wise but willing to share my experiences... triumphs & flops! I'm a creature of habit & a product of my environment. My habit is I LOVE creating & sharing... My environment is a home filled with family, friends & hobbies. What better way to let people in on what I'm up to than a BLOG!?! I've never been a "blogger", but I'm going to give it a try!  Posts will probably seems like a "hodge podge", but that's the intent. In the business community I share with a TON of other talented people... I am constantly running across something {fabulous}! My life may be busy; "So why add a BLOG?" you might ask. I'm aiming for a {fabulous} blog that is fun to read & is relative to the other Modern Housewives out there... We're a growing community of women who have careers, families, a social life, and are always looking for the "next big thing". I've learned a bit I would love to share, & what I haven't learned yet I am happy to share with you. I never said Modern Housewives had a lot of spare time:) So this "Charmed Life" I live is shared with a "Southern Girl's" point of view!
I hope to get to know you each & hope you each enjoy getting to know me! Good things come to those who wait & I can't share all the good stuff early... that would just be bad "blogging etiquette".

Hope you all enjoy my thoughts & even if you don't... this gives me a place to ramble & share even if no one is listening:)