Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cedar Lane

Tomorrow, of 12:30 pm we will officially be Tomball-ians lol!  Driving around town today it kind of hit me that I'm actually leaving Alvin.  I can get borderline too sentimental... so I apolagize in advance.  And I know that we're only moving an hour or so away... so we will be able to visit friends & family pretty often.  That being said I took mental note of the places that I will miss.  Thanks to my childhood not being all that "storybook"... there are a lot of memories that were made in a little yellow brick house on Cedar Lane.  After my Grandma, the woman who raised me passed away, it's nice to be able to drive by the house I grew up & created lots of fond memories in when I am missing her.  When I hear Miranda Lambert's "House That Built Me"  I seriously tear up... that house built me!  In that house I learned patience, manners, self-worth, responsability, & a lot of cooking, baking & needless to say sewing.  I remember her yellow floral couch & rocker, the sliding top table where all her sewing supplies were stored, the little kitchen where we rolled out cookies & her blue bedroom where I often slept just to be by her.  I drove by that house today & stopped to snap a pic with my phone... just to have in case I get homesick again over the next couple weeks. Alvin will always be home.  I graduated from the same High School as her & my hubby did too.  The little grocery store in town was where Mike & I met... him in produce & me on the checker line;) 

I thought I would share my little yellow house on Cedar Lane with you all too...

Yes, it looks a little shabby... a LOT shabby, but this is not how it looked growing up!  The yellow bricks have all been removed, her flower beds FULL of daylillies, & her hot pink azaila bushes are gone... but that was home.  That drive way is where I learned to ride my bike & that window on the left was my room... I pinky swear I NEVER climbed out of that window... ever:)

Anyway, tomorrow is the 1st day of a fresh start & the beginning of some new memories for my kiddos.  The "place" you grow up in matters... but not near as much as the people & the love that place holds inside.  So, make memories, live life, roll some sugar cookies & remember... it's the little moments they are going to remember.

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