Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Bloom Lamp}

Well, working on the house has been an ongoing project & prbably will be for a while.  I am a big beliver in letting the room & time help decorate, meaning I don't run out & buy everything needed & throw it together.  I start with a piece of two that inspire the room idea, then paint & furniture placement, followed by leaning pictures & decor against the wall & moving it around before ever tapping a nail with a hammer.  I move around & change things often before they find a home.  Besides it's your home, as Oprah & Nate say it's needs to rise up & greet you when you come in as well as reflect who you are. 

The kid's rooms have been the focus over the last few weeks.  They are both lacking window treatments & pillows, but the machine has been taken up with {Aidan Grace} orders here recently.  I believe next week I'll be able to get some projects of my own done for the house & the kiddo's upcoming birthday party.  Emma needs her dance bag finished before that starts up in August too.  But all in good time.  After refinishing a dresser & an armoire her room is really coming together.  Her room may be my favorite room in the house... I may just move in:)  Anyway, I thought about doing this lamp shade a while back & it was an easy project so I thought I would share.  Here goes:

You will need:

A lamp of your choice (this was in Kaleb's nursery, we've had it forever) & a plain shade ($5 at Wal Mart).  I would suggest a solid color just because bits of it are inevetably going to peek through, so you don't want some crazy pattern showing.

Some artifical flowers.  These are two pregrouped bouqets from Hobby Lobby, origionally $16 each, on sale half price.  I selected one that has peach tones & one that has pink.  I also bought two small tea rose stems .98 each to fill in any bare spaces at the end.  You will want to use nippers (*shown next) to trim the flowers off of the stems.

LOTS of glue sticks... I used all of these plus ended up grabbing two more from the Sewing Room before I was done & wire nippers or a pair of sharp scissors.

Now you're ready to create your shade:

  I suggest placing your largest flowers first & working your way down in size.  I stuck my little pink tea roses on at the very end to cover up any "bare space" left.  The end result is a super fabulous flower covered {Bloom Lamp}. 

 I think it would be cute done in just petals as well.  But this really just added a little wow factor to Emma's room.  Look how sweet when it was all finished & in her room...

One of my favorite pics of my two munchkins... That's Emma at one week old & Kaleb is feeding her a bottle... he's been in love with her from day one... for the most part:)

Here's a pic of it lit, I love how the light bounces off of the varnished diamonds.

Here are a couple pics of her room with the new armoir done, the dresser is done to match as well, but I will share more pics as I move on with her room.  Her little side table... should I paint it a dark pink or leave it cream... decision, decisions!

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