Monday, July 18, 2011


Are these cute or what?!?  I made 'em!

OK, I like to brag as much as the next girl... especially when it's a project and it turns out FABULOUS!!!  Friends of mine may know I really enjoy baking & I like learning new things... so when hubby came home with the Bakerella Cake Pops book  I was excited & frozen with fear a bit.  I had followed her blog & had added the Fan Page on Facebook... but aside from the regualr ol' cake balls I hadn't attempted anything crazy.  Here's Bakerella's 'Cow Pops'

Well, hubby's office decided to do something special for the boss man's birthday & boss man likes cows & hay & all that fun stuff.  My husband being the comic he is... thinks he is, thought it would be comical for me to come up with "cow patty" cookies as well.  So, the end result were Bakerella's Cow Pops & my own little cow patty cookies, or smooshed cake balls covered in chocolate & covered in toasted marshmellows & toffee crunch:)

Here's the final product... not too shabby, & believe it or not, they weren't SUPER hard, they were just plain hard, but completely do-able!  *I couldn't find pink M&M's as Bakerella suggests using so I just colored some fondont & made my own little noses;)

And lastly, the "cow patty" cookies lol!

When I'm not swamped with Aidan Grace {A Children's Botuique} work I tend to bake... well, honestly, baking calms me, so occassionally I need to take a "baking break" just to keep me sane. 

Make sure to check out {Bakerella} for some fabulous ideas &/or get the hubby to get you this book:

PS, If you look at her site, there's a 'Bakerella' shirt & I admit to wearing that too... only to bed... ok, annnnd grocery shopping, yard work, date night, j/k... no date night:)

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