Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I'd tell my 17 year old self...

1.  Don't be so self-critical... the opinions of those you think matter now really don't at all.

2.  Don't be afraid to speak your mind, as you get older it gets easier to do, but a head start would have been nice.

3. Spend more time outside soaking up the fresh air & smelling Grandma's lillies... Your life will get too busy to slow down & just relax & the smell of those yellow lillies will get harder to remember.

4. I promise you that it seems to matter so much now... but the boys that break your heart won't matter when you're 28.

5. Never forget your first kiss or your first heartbreak... you'll learn LOTS from both.

6. The age/color/model of the car that picks you up from school doesn't matter... the person driving it is priceless... cherish those car rides now.

7.  Ask her how to cook saurkraut... I know you think it's gross, but it's a heritage thing & you'll wish you knew so you could teach your kids.

8.  Those "friends" that aren't that loyal now will grow up to be just as un-loyal later in life, so don't waste energy or emotion... it'll save you a lot of time & heart ache.

9. Don't be so heartbroken on Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter functions... You'll be a parent that makes up for it in the end.

10.  Instead of pouting because you get drug along to ANOTHER ANTIQUE STORE... relish it.  The stories, smell & history will be fond memories later.

11. Don't be so aggrivated at your little sister... she looks up to you... be a role model.

12. You're going to meet a sweet & handsome guy soon on a blind date... don't let your ages scare you... he's "the one", you just lucked out & found him earlier than most:)

13. Pay more attention at football, soccer & baseball games... you're going to have a son & you're going to need to know the rules.

14. Don't ever call yourself chubby or tolerate anyone else doing it either... You'll reach an age where you realize your body is capable of carrying a child & becoming a mother... You'll appreciate the body you had "back then".

15. Close your eyes & memorize the smell of black coffee... you'll smell it when you think of your Grandpa.

16. Be appreciative of your first car... Yes it is a boy's truck, but it does the job.

17. Take more pictures... you'll wish you would have later.

18.  Spend more time in the garden with her... you'll want to plat a garden later but think you have a "black thumb".

19.  I know you hate math... but try harder, it doesn't get any easier in college.

20. Value those that value you now... They're still going to be around when you're 28... so treat them well.


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