Monday, January 24, 2011

{Rainy Day}

Today is one of those days when you just want to light a good candle, or crank up your Scentsy warmer, turn on the oven to make something sweet, maybe do some sewing or crafting... just because of the weather.  And that's exactly how I plan on spending my day!  Kaleb is in school so he can't join in, but I do cherish the slow-paced days when I can just enjoy the time with my "Mini Me" & do some girly stuff while I can.

Last night while the hubby & kids were watching the Game Plan (super cute movie!)... I was watching from afar while cutting pieces & going back & forth to sew.  End result was an adoarble V-day skirt, and Emma ended up pulling up her little chair to watch me work. 

Isn't it cute?!?  I have enough material to make one more up to a size 4T if anyone is interested.

I know I may sound as if I am in a time warp or something, but I tell the hubby all the time how I pray that Emma enjoys some of the "homemaker" things I enjoy... like baking, or sewing.  I'm not saying I wouldn't be over the moon if she became the 1st female President either.  But doing these things with her just makes my heart smile.  I fondly remember baking with my Grandma, or her letting me practice with scrap fabric while she was working on a project.  This past Christmas I made a little apron for my EmmaLou & I just beam when she has it on & has her little dollies set up for a "cupcake party".... I admitted she was a "Mini Me", her dolls prefer carbs over tea lol!

So today we are going to make some yummy cake balls for orders & do some more sewing.  Because on rainy days it just puts you in the mood for it!

Hope everyone has a blessed Monday & if you're down in my neck of the woods, enjoy the rain; light a candle, put Sweet Home Alabama in the dvd player & maybe bake something.  Enjoy this beautiful rainy day & take advantage of it!


  1. Great blog! I'm loving reading it! Just makes me want a sewing machine so much more!

  2. Thank You Amber! You should get one... the Singer Basic at Wal Mart is only around $80:)

  3. I think I'm going to have to get one. I picked out some fabric and a friend is making her some stuff right now. I will post on my blog when I get it. :)