Monday, January 24, 2011

{Pinewood Derby 2011}

Well, it's late Sunday evening... almost Monday.  But I just got done doing some sewing & editing some pics I took over the weekend & thought I would share a bit.

Saturday Kaleb raced in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby & he had so much fun!  I know boys are hard-wired for fast cars, but it really was pretty neat to see these little wooden cars zoom down the track on nothing but momentum.  Kaleb's car was inspired by a roadster design & he wanted it to be a "pretty cherry red"... so here it is... #20.

He didn't place, but had a lot of fun cheering on his buddies... one of which did:)

After the regular races was the Crash Derby... which I didn't know about, but we could have brought a second car to smash up, or you could smash the car you brought.  Kaleb beign a bit "Type A" like his Mama refused to crash it because he wanted to display it.  Fair enough.  I've decided I will be the official designer of "Crash Derby Car 2012" & I am thinking it needs to be PINK... only kidding!

Look at that action shot!  In the out of focus background you can see my crew... The boys enjoyed the crashing more than the racing I'm pretty sure anyway.  Emma kept busy organizing & re-organizing her Hello Kitty purse, sorry, no action shots of that:)

Here's the car that won "Best Design"... The General Lee.  I told you I was Southern lol!

And here's Justin's car, simply sharing because I think it's a pretty good shot:)

PS, Way to go Justin! (He placed)

Hope you guys & gals all had a fun & productive weekend... we did & there's more to share, but I'll save that for tomorrow!

One last pic... I know, I know... he's soooo handsome:)

I love my little... I mean big, Tiger Scout!

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