Friday, June 10, 2011

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Ok, so we've been pretty busy with getting settled into the new house & I've been busy at trying to run errands etc. while NOT getting lost in a new area.  On that note... Thank God for my iPhone & Google Maps!

The first weekend we had the keys (and no kids) we decided to tackle painting & heavy cleaning.  This house needed both pretty bad.  Aside from cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom, all 1800+ square feet recieved a fresh coat of paint.  The entire house besides the laundry, bathrooms & Emma's room got a coat of Glidden's Whispering Wheat; it's a perfect neutral beige & it really warmed the whole place up. 
(HAR photo)


Wow!  What a little bit of paint can do!

We wanted to add a little personality to the kiddo's rooms with one wall each done special & decided on red baseball stripes for Kaleb's (since his room is Astros) and a girly pink (Glidden's Cream Rose) for Emma.  Just pink was a tad boring so I flipped through my "Dream House" binder & decided on diamonds.  The idea came from a photo of a bathroom with the walls finished in white & yellow diamonds.  I thought why not try varnish?  I was shooting for just a subtle distinction between a flat enamel & some gloss.  What I got was flat enamel & then some...  The varnish dried with a hint of yellow/golden tones  but it had a handpainted finish to it.  Hard to explain... but goregous!!  It was a big project to tackle... I had done my research & passed it along to my hubby.  But hubby did what hubbys do best... he ignored the blog links I had e-mailed him & decided he'd figure it out & it "couldn't be that hard".  
With blue painter's tape in hand & on the wing of a prayer we dove in head first.  Our... eehemm, his first attempt was to use a straight edge & start from one corner.  Problem there was you would easily see pencil marks through the varnish when finished & if we erased the pencil before painting, we might as well just wing the whole thing.  So, attempt #2 was to measure the wall dimensions & divide evenly then tape off... well about half way through that we discovered that you can NOT tape off all diamonds because there will most definitely be a 1" or whatever size tape you use, mark between all diamonds.  So third time is the charm?  Attempt #3 yielded hubby sitting for 20 minutes or so drawing out a detailed sketch of where to tape (above or below our measured dots)  and which diamonds to paint in which order.  
By about 3 am we had diamond wall round one of two painted... we crawled in bed & the next morning I nervously peeled the tape off... Knowing I would have to follow the dots mentioned above & the already painted diamonds to create the second (every other diamond) round of diamonds to paint.  Hallejuiah, it worked!  
{Round 1 Painted}
{Round 2 Taped & Paitned}
{The wall finished}
{One more pic just because}

I have carefully packed this little sheet of paper away for any future projects involving diamonds!

My tips:

-Meausre well & find your center point
-Helps to divide your wall space in half & then divide in half again etc. instead of measuring & starting from one side... NO WALLS are ever square, so this hides the imperfections well.
-Decide how many rows of diamonds you want, I chose 3 & where you want the point of interest to fall.  I decided on a diamond right above Emma's headboard.
-After taping & before painting stand back & think it over... pay attention.  If we would have painted after our first taping I would have trashed the whole idea!!
-If your super sweet, amazing hubby decides to tackle this with or for you... be prepared for the "you owe me so big's"  Because hubby says next time I want diamonds, he'd rather buy me some;)

* I found this blog to be really helpful!  I just changed it up & didn't do argyle.

We have not taken on decorating their rooms too much just yet. But when I get that part done I will post some pics.  I am working on weeding through what I have to work with to see what will be used & what will be 'Garage Sale' items.  Emma needs new bedding, I have a dresser I need to re-do & Kaleb has a bed that his Daddy built for him we need to move in.  But we are still sleeping on his mattress.  I repeat the mantra:  "All in good time"... Emma's room is a good bit smaller than Kaleb's but has a good amount of character & Kaleb's room has a window seat that runs the entire length of one of his longest walls... still thinking about what to do there.  Blinds are slowly being replaced upstairs because the ones that are here are damaged & dirty beyond just cleaning them.

Still have a LOT of projects on the horizon:

Purchase a couch & make slip cover for my seatee
Hang curtains we brought from the old house
Decorate Emma's Room
Decorate Kaleb's Room
Re-do 2 dressers
Make curtains
Make window seat cushion
Build our new bed
Decorate our room
Find kitchen table 
Do trim work in laundry room & bathroom
Do something about carpet in powder room downstairs (why oh why put carpet in a bathroom?!?)
and the list goes on...

I will be taking pictures & sharing the experience as we go.  But I thought this was a pretty good first project to share:) 

With moving to a new area, the Summer home with the kiddos & some spare time, we'll see how much we get done!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend... but a husband's worst nigtmare... literally!  :) LOL!

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