Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lately, it dawned on me that only a few people know the "real me"... I think a lot of people think they know me, but they'd be surprised. 
I love daylilies... They are so simple... Just perfect.  And you have to get up early to appreciate them.

I've always loved baking, even if some of the time what I create you wouldn't want to eat.  The process is super fun;)

I don't like The Jonas Brothers, but I will sing along loudly in a very mature manner to Miley Cyrus or 'Barbie Girl'.  On another extreme I LOVE Dixie Chicks & Johnny Cash... Cowboy Take Me Away... lalala!

I don't think people who constantly post Christian songs or post bible versus make them Christians... The way in which they live their lives & treat those around them should reflect that.

My favorite book of all time is White Oleander by Janet Fitch... Shows how the blood you call family really doesn't have to define who you are.  You can choose to live a different life.

I could eat Ramen Noodle everyday... that is until while away at college I HAD to eat it everyday... now I have to be in the "mood" for it.

My favorite color has always been pink... always will be too.  But now I'm a grown up, so I tone it down;)

I would love to be super wealthy... not Oprah wealthy... but wealthy enough to where we would never have to "want" for anything... that being said, the things money can't buy are my most prized posessions.

Growing up I always longed for a family... now I realize that's just what I had... just didn't know it.

My sister was my best friend growing up & now that we're grown I think we're more strangers... breaks my heart.

I still have the same best friend that I had in 4th Grade... I LOVE her!

I would love to buy an old Southern Farmhouse & completely restore it & have a cow & some chickens... I already have names picked out... "Loretta Hen", "Wyonona", "Naomi", & a couple roosters... "Dwight Yolk-um" & "Earl".  I would sit on my front porch swing & drink sweet tea from my Mason Jar.

I can try to be "healthy" & watch what I eat for a period of time, but I have an addiciton to Dr. Pepper that always comes back to get me!

I know Nate Burkus is gay, but he sure is yummy:)

I LOVE antiques, but hate things that smell "old"...

I am guilty of brainstorming up projects that take up more time than I really have... so I have a good bit of fabric & crafting supplies to keep me busy on a rainy day.

I love my children & want a big family... but I would prefer them to marry orphans... I do not want to share my Grandkids or Holidays.  Just kidding!  But seriously, that would be nice wouldn't it? :)

I LOVE decorating & LOVE photography... neither of which I will ever do professionally but I really enjoy both!

Paula Deen is my idol!  That woman makes you want to cook everything in butter & not even think twice about it.  Think I may be her for Halloween.

I never thought at 17 I would go on a blind date with a handsome guy that worked dairy & produce & end up marrying him at 18... oh young love!

I LOVE the fact that I wear my Great Grandmother's wedding ring set... it's over 100 years old & everytime I look down at my ring finger it reminds me that I do have some history & at how similar my taste is to hers... good taste runs in the family:)

I think my husband is pretty amazing... he goes above & beyond... & seeing him with our kiddos makes my heart smile.

 The days I gave birth to my two kids were the most amazing days... they are the most prized possesions of mine, even though I know some day they will grow up & not need me so much.  They make me so proud & amaze me daily with their wit & humor.

What are your confessions?

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  1. White oleander is my favorite too! Reading this it's funny how much we actually have in common. I read this shaking my head in agreeance to almost all of it! I too met my husband on chance and the birth of my daughter will never compare to anything else! My favorite thing is bring southern. I love how it'd just a whole other lifestyle being from the south. One of my greatest happinesses is seeing Charlie with braelyn and how great of a husband and father he is. I couldn't ask for any thing more in a man! Thanks for sharing snd letting me share.