Friday, September 23, 2011

{Mom-preneur Monday} Intro

Hey ya'll! 

Yesterday on my sewing break, aka, lunch I thought of a brilliant idea & want to share it with you.  First off let me say that in 2007 when I gave birth to my second child, my daughter, Emma-Grace I desperately wanted to find a way to stay home & for us as a family to still be financially stable.  My pregnacy was followed by a job change for my hubby & my "part time/ hobby" gig quickly became a necessity.  When I made my first craft supply shopping trip I had no clue that just a couple short years later I would be contacted by Southern Lady Magazine's editor.  She was impressed with my work & I was selected to be featured in the Mother's Day Edition 2010.  What an amazing opportunity!

When you start a business as a hobby & it grows quicker than you ever imagined, it's an amazing feeling knowing that every day that you go to "work" you're building your own dreams... what you do or don't do directly effects your aspirations & your family.  I was blessed to have a supportive & understanding family that backed me 100%... they still do!  My business was grown on late nights after my baby went to sleep, and I wasn't alone... that's how a lot of Mom's start their business... it's late nights, sacrifice, & asking yourself a LOT of hard questions.  Being a WAHM still comes at a cost, the benefits are great, but you have to put in the work & time.  

During my growth as Diaper Diva Boutique I realized that this business is full of all kinds of women.  I have made some true friendships; some with women that live states away, but I can pick up the phone & call to vent to or run an idea across... and I can trust them 100%  We all started somewhere... that's what this is about.  

In 2011 Diaper Diva Boutique officially grew into Aidan Grace Boutique... it hasn't been an easy change, and it's kind of like starting from scratch again.  That being said, I have slowed down & realized that a lot of female business owners reach a point where they forget where they started... their ego gets ahead of their talent & the connection with other Moms gets lost along the way.  I was a Mom who started just like every other successful "Mom-preneur" has & I want to help inspire & encourage other women who put in those late nights & long hours... all in the dreams that they will "make it" one day too.  {Mom-preneur Mondays} will be a mix of stories of how businesses started, dreams were set in motion & where they are now.  Some up & coming "new" WAHMs will be introduced & hopefully we can all connect & share.  After 3+ years in business I have a list of great, sweet women I will be introducing you to over the next few Mondays, but I would love to hear from you as well.  Maybe you're starting out, or maybe you've been around a while & want to share your story & some tips... please e-mail me at with the subject {Mom-preneur Monday} & look forward to hearing from you!

My first {Mom-preneur Monday} post will be this Monday, September 26th!

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